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To get to Frutillar by airplain, there are several daily flights from Santiago de Chile’s International Airport (from USD$ 150), which take one hour and forty minutes, landing at the airport El Tepual at Puerto Montt  (40 kilometers away from Frutillar). Flights are operated by the airlines Lan Chile (www.lan.com) and Sky (www.skyairline.cl).

There are regular transport services from Puerto Montt airport to Puerto Varas (USD$15 to 30 per person approx.) and Frutillar:

Mob. (+56) (9) 7646 0819 (Felipe Ormazábal – private taxi)

Mob. (+56) (9) 6695 0129 (Mauricio Vallejos – taxi services)

Tel. (+56) (65) 2256611-2252268-2318628 (Andrés Tour – transfer services from the airport)

Tel. (+56)(65) 66950129 (taxi services)

There are also several car rental agencies at the airport.

 You may also find useful information in Lonely Planet guide of Chile.


There will be provided an approach bus everyday from Puerto Varas and return.

October 29th

From Casino Dreams Puerto Varas to Frutillar: departure at 8:00 hrs

Del Salvador 21, Puerto Varas

From Teatro del Lago to Puerto Varas: departure at 20:30 hrs

October 30th

From Casino Dreams Puerto Varas to Frutillar: departure at 8:00 hrs

From Teatro del Lago to Puerto Varas: departure at 20:30 hrs

October 31th

From Casino Dreams Puerto Varas to Frutillar: departure at 8:00 hrs

From Teatro del Lago to Puerto Varas: departure at 19:30 hrs

Optional excursions:

Excursion to Osorno Volcanoe

We begin our tour from Puerto Varas “The City of the Roses” going to Osorno Volcano, by the shore of Llanquihue lake we’ll enjoy the Amazing landscape with the Osorno and Calbuco volcanoes, until we get to Ensenada where we start to ascend to the Osorno Centro de Ski y Montaña, located at 1.240 meters (3937 feet).

There we will stay about an hour, will be time for sightseeing, take pictures, and appreciate a unique view to the summit of the volcano with glaciers of eternal snow, the Calbuco, Lake Llanquihue Lake and the Pacific Ocean.

As an option passenger can take a cup of coffee or sandwich at the coffee shop of the place or take the lift to ascend to 1450 meters altitude in the Station Primavera (spring) or 1750 meters at Station Glacier (Glacier) where there is a wonderful and breathtaking views of Lake Llanquihue. (These services are not included in the price of the tour). 

Excursion to Petrohue (River Falls)

This tour starts going to Vicente Perez Rosales National Park, on a road by the Llanquihue lake shore, enjoying the landscape and magnificent view of the volcanoes Osorno and Calbuco until we get to Petrohue located near by Todos los Santos Lake.

There we can take a soft walk surrounded by an ever green forest, the Osorno volcano and the beautiful Turquoise colour of Petrohué River.

By paying an entrance fee to the National Park we get to see one of the most beautiful places of the country, “Petrohué River Falls”, a place where the river jumps great masses of lava crystallized immune to erosion for centuries and formed by smaller stones together by a glassy material that highlights the light. You can not miss it.

Excursion to Chiloe Island: Ancud, Castro & Dalcahue

We begin the tour in our way to Pargua; here we will aboard a ferry to sail through the Chacao Channel, this channel separates the continent of Chiloe Island. During the navigation we see sea wolves, pelicans and sea birds autochthon in this area.

The ferry berths at Chacao pier, here we see the houses that are built with Alerce wood, and the churches that are National Heritage Site, later we continue to Dalcahue, this city is located in front of Quinchao Island and along the Coast there is a Market that is special because the construction receive the name Palafito, because it is over the water in a base of wood.

It’s a very special view. Also we will visit the church that is a typical construction and is a World Heritage Site.

Later we continue our trip to Castro is the capital City of Chiloé Island, from the traditional Gamboa Viewing point you can take very nice Pictures of the worldwide famous Palafitos, visit the San Francisco church in front of the Main Square and visit the biggest Handcraft Market of the island.

In the way back we are going to visit Ancud city, where we can see the San Antonio Fort; this historic place is located in the highest part of the city, built at the latest part of XVIII Century and is part of one of the last Spanish fortifications in our country, the Local Museum and the Mains Square, and the Central Market, this one offers many gastronomic options of the island.

The place for lunch (not included) will be coordinated with the tour guide depending on time and logistic of the tour.

Patagonia – Torres del Paine

Punta Arenas city is the nearest destination to Torres del Paine, then you should get to Puerto Natales and from there go to Torres del Paine National Park.

There are daily buses from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales departing each hour, which is about a 3 hour-trip. And from Puerto Natales to Torres de Paine is about one-hour trip.

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